Elderly “Witch” Returning From Meeting Stuck On Roof Of Building (Pics, Video)

NAIJ came across a video of an aged grandmother who somehow managed to get herself stuck on the roof of a building. Do you believe in the existence of witches and wizards? Well the woman in this video has just been labeled one. The old woman who somehow managed to get herself onto the roof of a building, was eventually made to climb down while people who gathered round called her ‘witch’.

The Facebook user who shared the video even said she had gone for a ‘witchcraft meeting’ at night but got stuck on the roof because she couldn’t fly again due to daylight creeping up on her.

The old woman was stuck on the roof of a building A woman’s voice can clearly be heard screaming consistently in the background, she sounded like she was praying. The question on most people’s lips however is ‘how did she get up there?



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